Volks Standard Model SDM Mako

Brand: Volks
Item: Standard Model Super Dollfie Midi (SDM) Mako
Size: SDM girl
Skin: Normal / Fair
Purchased: Sep 2014
Price: $380USD + shipping

Condition: Damaged
Includes: Mako head, body, default eyes, default eyelashes (not attached), face mask, papers (opened), cushions, box

I purchased Volks professional whole body coating and seam line removal for her.

I removed the hot glue from her eyes, and in the process her eyelashes came off. I will include the eyelashes in case the new owner wants to glue them back in. There is also a slightly whiter patch inside her eyelid that I have noticed – please see the photo further below.

She has the following damage from when she was knocked over at a doll meet – please see the photos further below:
• One long chip on the front of her head cap and two smaller chips near the back of her head cap. They are all covered when she is wearing a wig
• One small chip on her butt
• One long scratch on her inner thigh

I have included some Volks photo of Mako as reference. The Mako I am selling does not include the wig or outfit.