Mini photostory 1

Anoia: Hey, you look my size…roughly. How’s about a game of chess?

Anoia: …Hello?

Taiyaki: Zzzz….


Mini photostory 2

Naoki: Hey you’re new here, let me show you around, I’ll even lend you my kendama =D
Maneki: Ah, I’m Maneki and this is Taiyaki =)
Anoia: …I do not associate with these humans.


Bel Shammaroth: Oh noes! It appears we have crash landed on an alien plant! Whatever shall we do?
Arrrrnold: Stay calm! All we need to do is take control!

Arrrrnold: I’ll go explore, you wait here.
Bel Shammaroth: But Captain! It could be dangerous!

Naoki: Did you hear that crash?
Maneki: Yeah, lets go see.

Anoia: Bah! You won’t be dragging me to your silly adventures.

Arrrrnold: Arrrr! Hand over your monies or we’ll kill your family!
Bel Shammaroth: Oh noes..what have we done =O

Naoki: Aww, this one’s so cute, what’s your name =D
Arrrrnold: Arrrr! Fear me for I am Captain Arrrrnold the Space Pirate!

Maneki: This one looks slightly less…dangerous.

Maneki: So what should we do with them?
Naoki: Dunno, I wonder if he can play kendama =D
Bel Shammaroth: Sir…it appears we have been taken hostage ;_;

Naoki: Hey look, we found someone your size!


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