Used Items


This page lists used items I am selling.

Please note all items are secondhand. Most items are in good condition. Any flaws or damage (if there are any) will be described on the individual item pages if you click on the item.

Currency:  All prices are listed in USD
Shipping:  The shipping cost is not included and will be added on. I am located in Australia and use Australia Post for shipping
Payment:  I accept payment via Paypal. If you have an Australian bank account I can also accept payment via bank transfer
To purchase:  Please use the mail form to let me know which item/s you would like to buy

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me ^^



$780 Volks DD Hatsune Miku full set with extras (Semi-White skin) $380 Volks Standard Model SDM Mako doll (Normal / Fair skin)
$380 BlueFairy Tiny Fairy Limited Type Choice Daisy doll (White skin) $380 BlueFairy Tiny Fairy Limited Type Choice Kevin doll (White skin)
$170 Kana Doll no.4 Bambi Senior head (Normal skin) $170 Kana Doll no.4 Bambi Senior head (White skin)
$260 Volks DWC #01 head (Normal / Fair skin)  



$150 Volks My Dear Vampire (M-L-Bust) Set – DD girl size $55 Volks Sailor Uniform Set (Navy-SS-S-Bust) – DD girl size
$300 Volks Bianka default full set outfit – BTSSB Robe a la Francaise Set White Version – SD girl size $90 Volks Nordic Hoodie Set – SD girl size
$90 Dollheart Playground Spirit Set – SD girl size $25 Frogs t-shirt – SD girl size
$80 Volks Asterisk Marine Girl Set – MSD girl size
$35 Blue dragonfly kimono – MSD size $35 Pink dragonfly kimono – MSD size
$38 Bird cage dress and hat – YoSD size



$25 Luts brown shoes – SD boy size $25 Luts DGS-11 shoes – Delf Girl (SD) size
$25 rRabit ECT003 shoes – SD girl size $25 Luts SGS-17 shoes – Senior Delf Girl (SD16) size
$40 rRabit CQ003 shoes Black – MSD size $40 rRabit CQ003 shoes White – MSD size
$30 rRabit CQ003 shoes Brown – MSD size
$18 Luts KDS-09 shoes – Kid Delf (MSD) size $15 White and pink shoes – MSD size



$18 Licht 081 One – 8-9inch
$18 For My Doll FMDM_14 600 F17-1 – 7-8inch $18 Leeke Dollga SR-040 ChampagneBrown – 7-8inch
$18 Leeke Dollga WS-084 MuddyBrown – 7-8inch $18 Licht B1 Angel white – 7-8inch
$18 Leeke Dollga L083AS 60-1001 – 6-7inch $18 Leeke Dollga WD-084 SoftBrown – 6-7inch
$18 For my doll F-60S 613 – 6-7 inch



$38 ED Milky24 – 20mm High Dome Wide $38 ED Sweety24 – 20mm Low Dome Wide



$5 Dollheart wig stand – 7-8inch $25 Mini darts set – shown with SD17 hand