Mth Eyes


This page lists my handmade eyes that are currently available for sale.
The eyes come as a pair. They are all high dome and have a flat back.
If you want to see more photos please click on the eyes.

Please note:
•  Due to the handmade nature of these eyes there are small flaws in each eye such as bubbles, dust pieces, bumpy surfaces etc. The two eyes in a pair may also be uneven, for example the two eyes may be slightly different colours, or the pupils may not be the same size or in the centre.
•  These eyes are made from resin. They are coated with a protective layer to reduce scratches and yellowing, however they can still get scratched and yellow. They also contain brighteners to help them look whiter during the day.
•  I have tried to capture the colours as accurately as possible, but it may still look different in person depending on your monitor settings.
•  I am located in Australia and use Australia Post for shipping.

Price:  $35USD for each pair + shipping
Payment:  I accept payment via Paypal. If you have an Australian bank account I can also accept payment via bank transfer
To purchase:  Please use the mail form to let me know which eyes you would like to buy

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me ^^


The eyes are approx 18mm, with an approx 9.5mm iris.

17083-18mm 17082-18mm


The eyes are approx 16mm, with an approx 8.5mm iris.

17083-16mm 17082-16mm 17052-16mm 17051-16mm


The eyes are approx 14mm, with an approx 7.5mm iris.

17083-14mm 17082-14mm 17052-14mm 17051-14mm