Vintage Bus and Mirazozo

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January 26th was Australia day ^^
From 10:30AM to 5PM there were these vintage buses that ran throughout the Sydney CBD. Riding on them was by donation, we ended up getting on a red and green one. The inside was so old the floor was cracked looking, there was this string running along the side with a sign that said you had to pull it to signal for the driver to stop at the next stop, and of course there was no aircon (it’s summer here). It was so cool that you got on through the back, and there was a handrail near the door like in those movies where you jump on *-*. Before that there was a blue and white one, and a green and cream one, both of which we missed. We were actually trying to get to the Mirazozo near the Opera House and saw the buses by chance, but when we got there the line was really long so we decided to go back the next day morning.

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Unfortunately we got there the next morning and the line was even longer orz
Since it was the last day we had to wait. The Mirazozo is a giant inflatable sculpture. There are no lights on the inside, all the colour is from the sunlight shining through pieces of plastic in the walls. It was so colourful my camera had a hard time capturing the whole range. The really bright red parts would show up as yellow, and the bright coloured blue and green lines would turn white. It was really interesting being inside *-*. (Shoes were not allowed)

I’ve been really lazy lately because it’s been so hot, and we’re not allowed to install air conditioners in our apartment TT__TT, so no new outfits for a little while.

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