Welcome Orgel

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Orgel has arrived~, she is a Volks SD Luna. When Luna was first released I actually didn’t like her much. Once I started seeing repaints however, I liked her more and more, but by then she was harder to find. I started to wait for a re-release, but somehow it just didn’t happen. Then the first poll for best of the best was held, and I tried to vote for her many times, but sometimes I would forget. Then the second poll happened, and she wasn’t included, I wondered if something happened to her mold? Then the third poll, this time she was back in the running and I made sure to bookmark it so I could vote for her everyday, so I’m really happy she made it to the best of the best selection, and now here she is! Somehow this version of her default faceup makes her look kind of like Lieselotte.

Last year I also welcomed a second Beth March. A friend was selling her and I decided to buy a twin for Celeste, so now I have Celeste and Celesta, very imaginative names. I also joined the BlueFairy Tiny Fairy Limited Type Choice preorder. Daisy and Kevin were not what I expected so I have put them up for sale. Rachel and Olive Valentine are cute, but Olive V has a noticeably smaller head than my older Olive. It makes me wonder if all the heads that were renewed with the added magnets are also smaller…which would be a shame because I think the bigger heads are cuter. I think that now brings my crew up to date.

In any case, Luna was the last limited doll that I really wanted. Now that I have her perhaps I can look for FCS dolls or branch out into other companies. I have been curious about Daydream and iMda, but I am in no hurry.

Shop added

Looks like it’s been a while since I last updated, wow! But I do have some exciting news, another girl is joining my crew ^^

I have also added a shop section to my website for Mth Eyes and used items.

Previously I was using Etsy to sell my handmade eyes, however the fees kept increasing and there was a monthly fee even if nothing is sold, so in the end it wasn’t worthwhile continuing.

Doll Social Club

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Due to various things I’ve worked up a small backlog of photos to edit. These photos are from a doll meet hosted by the Doll Social Club last month. The theme was Alice in Wonderland ^^

Beths meet

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Met up with a friend who also received a Beth this week ^^. We took some photos at Spice Alley, followed by Prince Alfred Park.

The lighting at both locations was perfect. Funnily Beth looks amazing with herself, more so than any other doll I’ve seen.