Welcome Pluto

Pluto is a Volks SD17 Maximilian. Going to give big boys another try! I previously had a Ryoma Sakamoto. His face was quite slim from the front and I ended up selling him because he didn’t match my girls. From photos Max had a slight bobble headed look so I thought he might look ok, plus he uses 16mm eyes unlike Ryoma who used 14mm so surely his head is bigger. Now that he’s arrived happy to say his head size matches my girls.

When he arrived his box was bigger than I expected. It turns out inside the brown shipping box, there was another brown shipping box, and then the actual doll box. This is the first time I’ve seen this from Volks. It’s good that there’s more protection, but sure felt strange opening the box to find another box that looks almost exactly the same. His teeth look a bit strange because they are not sculpted, just white painted on top of his lips. His neck kips has notches in it, I haven’t noticed this in my other dolls before, perhaps this stops it from disappearing into his head as they tend to do. His wig is quite soft, the fibre feels different to my other wigs. The Interstellar Dormitory uniform, what can I say, this is already my fourth doll from this series. The chain this time is quite cute. I was not expecting a SD17 release as it’s Boys’ Dormitory, I had only expected young looking boys, but it was a nice surprise. And the SD17 body feels easier to handle than when I had Ryoma, a nice bonus of trying to take exercise more seriously.

Actually I quite liked the overall look of Regulus but wanted fair skin. Firstly because I don’t have many boys for now I want them to be able to share hands and fair skin seems the most common. Secondly I fell into the danmei rabbit hole around the start of the year and thought Max might make a good HC. I would have been a bit more hesitant if Max was released alone, but a Max with Reg’s faceup and styling, I think it will work. He will only be loosely based on HC, more like cosplay than a character doll. When I’m too rigid with my dolls such as making characters or specifying detailed personalities, I find it really limits myself in terms of how I style them. Plus Max would make a good Griffith too. As for XL I think Artemis would work. Although he definitely needs a taller body, I think the SD13 renewal would work well, and my original plan to turn him into a girl is rescinded. These are all long term projects because I’m slow.

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