Auburn Botanic Gardens

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Went to a mini meet yesterday at the Auburn Botanic Gardens with 4 Lieselottes! We have even more Lieselottes in Sydney so hopefully we can organise an even bigger meet next time.

Initially I had dressed my girls in a style to match the cherry blossoms that are blooming right now, however it was so crowded my motivation to take cherry blossom photos quickly drained away. They were very beautiful though.

In the end I took some photos in a quiet area in the garden, and then again outside the entrance with the camellias.

Paddington Reservoir Gardens

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Went to a small doll meet yesterday at the Paddington Reservoir Gardens. This was my first time testing out these eyes in the wild! What I didn’t notice until I was editing the photos was that Artemis was in fact cross-eyed the entire time.

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