Winter is coming~

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The air is a little more crisp each morning, the sun sets a little earlier each evening, winter is coming~

Since once again I have less light than I’m used to, I tried taking some photos in the dark. I seem to keep using the same prime lens so I may as well take a night photo once in a while. I tried using a little focus stacking, just 2 shots, to have both dolls in focus. I was also very impressed by how bright these lights were, they look quite magical lighting up an entire dark room. Thank you modern LEDs.

Moss Garden

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I recently found a shop front with a beautiful moss covered sofa. Of course my first thought was that it would make a great backdrop for my Tiny Fairies, who have been a little neglected lately, and I was lucky with good weather and a burst of sunbeams :). The inside of the shop is just as beautiful with more antique sofas, stained glass, vintage suitcases etc, all covered in moss and plants (but since it’s a shop I didn’t take photos any inside).

My Sweet Memory cafe doll meet

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Had another doll meet at My Sweet Memory Cafe, somehow the lighting inside seems more dim than last time? I could only take clear photos near the entrance.

There is a supermoon tonight!

Snowflake Ensemble

Happy New Year everyone ^^

I just received this outfit set, it is Sora*iro’s snowflake ensemble. Although it’s summer in Australia right now, I wanted to try it on immediately. It’s a very beautiful and detailed set <3