Doll Social Club

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Due to various things I’ve worked up a small backlog of photos to edit. These photos are from a doll meet hosted by the Doll Social Club last month. The theme was Alice in Wonderland ^^

Doll Meet

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A small meetup held on the weekend. The stained glass window photo was taken at Queen Victoria Building, and the rest of the photos were taken at The Strand Arcade. Both are very beautiful old buildings in Sydney. Usually there are no lights on the handrails, but they have been put up for Christmas :)

Meet at Annual Doll Fair

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Went to a traditional doll fair yesterday to see if there was anything interesting to buy. The only thing I ended up buying were eye sizers which I’ve been looking for anyway. Still it was a large fair and since there were many stores selling antiques there may be something that catches my eye next time.

We took some quick photos before leaving on the front lawn. The two silk dresses worn by Mami and Lieselotte were actually bought at the fair. They were made for traditional porcelain dolls but fit surprisingly well.


(one more)

New girl arrived 2 weeks ago, she is a Volks Mihmi, her name is Piccadilly >3<
I still need to name my Mako, so slack.