Charm tests

Waiting for them to dry before I put on a final clear coat :)

I think they turned out very well, even the bottom one where I accidentally destroyed the details I was able to salvage by painting them back in.

Right now they’re fragile but I’m hoping a clear coat will strengthen them.

Wig curling experiment

My first time styling wigs with heat :3

This was what the wig looked like before I started to style it. I decided to experiment on this one because it’s fairly straight and I didn’t like the previous style anyway.

I started by wrapping the hair around perm rods, this was the smallest size I could buy at my local supermarket.

Then I dipped it into boiling water for about 5 minutes, using the kitchen tongs to hold the wig in the water.

After taking it out and letting it dry a bit, the first thing I noticed was that the hair near the part at the front no longer sat as flat as before, even though I tried to keep that bit out of the water. I’m not sure how I’m going to flatten it again D=

I was worried the curls wouldn’t take, but after taking out all the rods I found that it turned out too curly XD. In particular the front looks strange and messy, and doesn’t match the parts I’ve left straight.

I tried to loosen the curls by pouring hot water on it. It took maybe only one second to turn it into the photos above, and the results are pretty uneven. Some parts were straightened alot, and some parts were still left very curly. I think it looks nice from the side but not from the front :(

Next time I will leave it in water for less time so it’s not as curly, so that hopefully I don’t have to try to straighten it afterwards.

Handmade bunny

A while ago I bought a book on making various stuffed animals but didn’t have the time to make one until now. They are very cute and much smaller than I thought, because in the photos in the book there’s no sense of scale. But I think they’re a good size for my dolls so it’s a happy discovery. I accidentally smudged his blush and one of his arms is longer than the other. Can you tell? XD

Folded Stars

Lately I have been making these little stars in my spare time. They’re made from soft long plastic straws which I have yet to find in Australia. But I’m still not sure what to do with them after I’ve made them.