Doll meet

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It’s strange to say these are photos from the meet I attended at the end of last year, because it’s actually only a couple of days ago. At the meet there were twins of Little Alice with Little Lorina, and Papi x2. For some reason Momiji looked so mischievous, like she wanted to smack somebody! Maybe she was mad because I stuffed her in a bear suit, or maybe it’s because the bear suit makes her look much taller and bigger than all other YoSDs. I tried painting a monster high doll there, the faceup is actually pretty messy close up so I only took a whole body shot. I also made the bear she is carrying, I think maybe I overstuffed him, his shoulders and arms look too fat.

As for those dolls I have not yet had a chance to take a photo of, last year I traded my Pipos Rosie partially for Pipos Dark Rabbit, and purchased the Volks standard Mako.

SMASH! 2013

Visited SMASH! last weekend. As usual there was a full doll display table~
I brought Hyacinth with me, my new DDS Mariko.

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This year we were also very lucky to have Peakswoods as a vendor! Due to this I came home with a new boy, a FOF Tan Leo ^^;

He is the one in the middle:


Sakamoto has arrived~

He has a very slim chin/jaw that is even more noticeable in person which surprised me because it makes his head look much smaller than the rest of my girls >.<
He looks a bit better turned to the side since you can see more of his jaw.

I will keep his name because he reminds me of another Sakamoto :3

Faceups – Arietta, Kakeru and Fdoll Glen

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Redid Arietta’s faceup, this time I’m much more happy with it. However the dark lip lines near the teeth are so difficult to paint neatly…in the end I gave up orz

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Also redid Kakeru’s faceup, but it’s a little bit messy. It’s more difficult because I forgot the area where her lower eyelashes are isn’t flat like my other dolls ^^;

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And this little boy is a Fdoll Glen, I won him at Animania this year. I also redid his faceup but he still doesn’t fit in with my dolls, so I’m going to donate him as a prize for next year’s Animania. Please enter the competitions if you are coming next year =)