Winter is coming~

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The air is a little more crisp each morning, the sun sets a little earlier each evening, winter is coming~

Since once again I have less light than I’m used to, I tried taking some photos in the dark. I seem to keep using the same prime lens so I may as well take a night photo once in a while. I tried using a little focus stacking, just 2 shots, to have both dolls in focus. I was also very impressed by how bright these lights were, they look quite magical lighting up an entire dark room. Thank you modern LEDs.

Moss Garden

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I recently found a shop front with a beautiful moss covered sofa. Of course my first thought was that it would make a great backdrop for my Tiny Fairies, who have been a little neglected lately, and I was lucky with good weather and a burst of sunbeams :). The inside of the shop is just as beautiful with more antique sofas, stained glass, vintage suitcases etc, all covered in moss and plants (but since it’s a shop I didn’t take photos any inside).

My Sweet Memory cafe doll meet

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Went to a doll meet at My Sweet Memory today, it’s a cute little cafe/stationary store. All their displays are really pretty and the stationary they sell seem to be from Korea. Unfortunately being cloudy and rainy for the morning meant the inside of the cafe was quite dark and alot of my photos were blurry. However I was glad to see our Bluefairy population growing X3

Animania 2011

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Attended the second day of Animania yesterday ^^. For some reason alot of my photos turned out blurry, maybe there was not enough light?

How cute is this little cat! He’s a Pipos Star Cheshire and belongs to Krisome. Someday I want both of the Pipos Chesires <3

I also won the dress making competition. The prize was a Leeke PureRose Skin Khal Vampire. I’m not too sure what to do with him, I don’t have any clothes for him at all XD. His skin colour is very interesting, it’s like a grey/purple/pink colour, and his head is much narrower than my other dolls.