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Trying to find a new look for Hanabi as she is currently one of my least played with dolls. She’s quite cute but I think I haven’t found the right style for her. I’m also relunctant to let her go since I still like the classic body the most and it’s been discontinued. We’ll see!

Penelope Preview

Here is a quick preview of my next outfit :3

And I’m sorry to say I’ll be changing selling agents again >.<
My new agent will be esayyy789.

Animania Competitions

I mentioned there were some competitions from Animania in my last post, but actually I won the photo competition ^^

This was the entry that won:

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The theme was glass this year. It was taken in front of a stained glass window.

My other entry had glass chess in it:

There was also a masquerade competition which I made masks for. They were alot of fun to make but had a hard time staying on the face since they were flat ^^;

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