Mini Bodies Comparison

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Took some photos as a height reference for myself. I never noticed before that the MSD body is shorter than the SDM body. It was interesting to see all the skin tones are different too.


Wow my last update was quite a while ago wasn’t it ^^;
I’ve been very busy the last few months, some of which involved visiting Brisbane briefly. The most surprising part of my trip was probably finding that a MOS Burger has opened there! I asked and they said they hope to come to Sydney too, I’m looking forward to that~

(one more)

This is Peter who arrived a few weeks ago, he’s a Volks MSD Hewitt 3rd version. I bought him second hand but I think his hands have been changed because they are more yellow than the rest of him orz

I will need to buy a shorter wig and smaller eyes for him. The 16mms I have are a bit too big, and 14mms leave a gap on the side, so I guess I will need to buy some 16mms with smaller irises.

(one more)

Momiji’s new faceup~
I think she looks much cuter like this but somehow she looks less like Papi now! What!

Looks like I’ve built up a pretty big backlog of faceups, so will be focusing on that in the coming weeks >.<