Shop added

Looks like it’s been a while since I last updated, wow! But I do have some exciting news, another girl is joining my crew ^^

I have also added a shop section to my website for Mth Eyes and used items.

Previously I was using Etsy to sell my handmade eyes, however the fees kept increasing and there was a monthly fee even if nothing is sold, so in the end it wasn’t worthwhile continuing.

DWC Head #01

(one more)

My Head #01 for the Volks DWC competition, her theme is autumn ^^
I have also painted a Head #02 but she didn’t turn out as I expected, will redo later. 01’s MSC is peeling off for some reason even though 02 is fine and I painted/sprayed them at the same time. Have also bought white versions of both heads and hope to paint them later~