Auburn Botanic Gardens

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Went to a mini meet yesterday at the Auburn Botanic Gardens with 4 Lieselottes! We have even more Lieselottes in Sydney so hopefully we can organise an even bigger meet next time.

Initially I had dressed my girls in a style to match the cherry blossoms that are blooming right now, however it was so crowded my motivation to take cherry blossom photos quickly drained away. They were very beautiful though.

In the end I took some photos in a quiet area in the garden, and then again outside the entrance with the camellias.

Galaxy eyes~

One of the things I knew I wanted to try making is galaxy themed eyes. In particular I wanted to see if I could make the “stars” float in the eye so that it looks 3D, which I’m very happy to say I’ve succeeded.

This was the first version I made. I’m very happy with the colours, they change a bit depending on the angle you are looking at the eyes from, so for example the red colour is only visible from the side and not from the front. However, I wanted to make the dots smaller and neater next time, and the iris lines are almost invisible so I wanted to make those thicker as well:

This was the second version. I tried a few more colours which all came out nicely, but I think the iris lines are a bit too thick this time:

This was the third version. I wanted to try copper coloured dots, I didn’t expect them to be almost invisible in the pink pair. Looks like white is the best after all:

Since the last update I’m improving on getting those pupils in the centre, and I’ve managed to avoid big bubbles (although I still can’t get rid of all the small bubbles).

The white part of the resin I’m using currently yellows pretty quickly, so reducing that will be my next experiment :)


Sakamoto has arrived~

He has a very slim chin/jaw that is even more noticeable in person which surprised me because it makes his head look much smaller than the rest of my girls >.<
He looks a bit better turned to the side since you can see more of his jaw.

I will keep his name because he reminds me of another Sakamoto :3

Doll meet at Princess Coco

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Somehow several months have passed since my last update, where did the time go!
Went to a doll meet yesterday at Princess Coco, a French Chocolaterie, and met a damselfly :)