Galaxy eyes~

One of the things I knew I wanted to try making is galaxy themed eyes. In particular I wanted to see if I could make the “stars” float in the eye so that it looks 3D, which I’m very happy to say I’ve succeeded.

This was the first version I made. I’m very happy with the colours, they change a bit depending on the angle you are looking at the eyes from, so for example the red colour is only visible from the side and not from the front. However, I wanted to make the dots smaller and neater next time, and the iris lines are almost invisible so I wanted to make those thicker as well:

This was the second version. I tried a few more colours which all came out nicely, but I think the iris lines are a bit too thick this time:

This was the third version. I wanted to try copper coloured dots, I didn’t expect them to be almost invisible in the pink pair. Looks like white is the best after all:

Since the last update I’m improving on getting those pupils in the centre, and I’ve managed to avoid big bubbles (although I still can’t get rid of all the small bubbles).

The white part of the resin I’m using currently yellows pretty quickly, so reducing that will be my next experiment :)

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