Small Things by Mel Tregonning

Today is world mental health day. I’d like to introduce to you a graphics novel by a late friend that was published last month. The novel is about a young boy learning to deal with his worries. There is no text, the entire story is told through beautiful and highly polished illustrations.

Please consider having a look at this book next time you are visiting or browsing your bookstore.

Ch (S):

  • 「小东西」



Ch (T):

  • 「小東西」




Happy New Year

My Miku who arrived on Christmas Eve :). Her outfit is a bit difficult, the shirt in particular has very delicate fabric and has already snagged on my hands, I don’t have long nails. The arm covers as well closes with velcro and has snagged her body suit. The plastic tie and arm cover decorations I will leave to another day when I am more patient. And the giant long wig, well it was surprisingly ok compared to everything else.

I recently bought a new camera. My old one started to give me error messages around mid last year and has been unreliable. I’ve also been wanting a smaller camera since I never take my old one anywhere because it’s so big. The image quality seems a little bit worse but if I actually take it around, it will be better than having one I don’t take anywhere. An unexpected discovery about my new camera is that all the packaging, the camera box, lens boxes, camera box inserts and lens box inserts, absolutely everything folds flat. I have never encountered this with any other product and cannot believe how amazing this is. Usually packaging is glued together so that you cannot take it apart without ripping something, but this company uses various slots and folds so that it can almost be completely disassembled.

It seems like most photos I see nowadays are bigger than what I resize to. I’m aiming to work on a wider theme to accommodate bigger photos. However right now I will just use the img code to resize, you can always right click and view to see it a bit bigger :)

Happy New Year!


Wow my last update was quite a while ago wasn’t it ^^;
I’ve been very busy the last few months, some of which involved visiting Brisbane briefly. The most surprising part of my trip was probably finding that a MOS Burger has opened there! I asked and they said they hope to come to Sydney too, I’m looking forward to that~

(one more)

This is Peter who arrived a few weeks ago, he’s a Volks MSD Hewitt 3rd version. I bought him second hand but I think his hands have been changed because they are more yellow than the rest of him orz

I will need to buy a shorter wig and smaller eyes for him. The 16mms I have are a bit too big, and 14mms leave a gap on the side, so I guess I will need to buy some 16mms with smaller irises.

(one more)

Momiji’s new faceup~
I think she looks much cuter like this but somehow she looks less like Papi now! What!

Looks like I’ve built up a pretty big backlog of faceups, so will be focusing on that in the coming weeks >.<

Cockington Green Gardens

Over the Christmas break I visited Canberra, my favourite place was the Cockington Green Gardens. It’s a garden full of miniature buildings, the video above is of the international section that has buildings from around the world. Sorry for the camera shake >.<

Their website is

One Piece event in Huis Ten Bosch

One Piece!

Life sized Thousand Sunny at Huis Ten Bosch in Japan X3!! I found this recently, how awesome is it. You can go on a cruise in it, more information is here. (The photo was taken by KimaLucifer)

The marine’s ship is there as well:

One Piece!