Faceups – Arietta, Kakeru and Fdoll Glen

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Redid Arietta’s faceup, this time I’m much more happy with it. However the dark lip lines near the teeth are so difficult to paint neatly…in the end I gave up orz

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Also redid Kakeru’s faceup, but it’s a little bit messy. It’s more difficult because I forgot the area where her lower eyelashes are isn’t flat like my other dolls ^^;

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And this little boy is a Fdoll Glen, I won him at Animania this year. I also redid his faceup but he still doesn’t fit in with my dolls, so I’m going to donate him as a prize for next year’s Animania. Please enter the competitions if you are coming next year =)

2 Replies to “Faceups – Arietta, Kakeru and Fdoll Glen”

  1. Thank you so much for donating lovely Glen!

    I won this year’s Animania “Accessorise Me” competition and I have been told that he is my lovely prize!!

    I can’t wait to get him! His faceup is simply gorgeous <3

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