Welcome Dionysus and Hephaestus

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Hello 2021! So it seems my annual updates are turning into biennial. 2 weeks ago I welcomed 2 new dolls, my fingers still hurt from digging out their hot glue, ouch. I don’t buy boys very often but I really loved these 2’s entire set, the faces, wigs, outfits, I’m quite a fan of the Interstellar Dormitory series’ designs. The only thing I wish was different is their shoes, because I like the clown style shoes the other big boys come with much more. I had thought Volks already made a MSD sized version previously too.

I was slightly worried about Gilbert because in some photos his face looks quite weird, but I’m glad they are both cute in person. The biggest surprise was how their personalities are the opposite of what I expected. Eric looks quite sweet and gentle in photos, but in person he has a sharp face like a hawk. Gilbert too looks kind of serious in photos, but in person he is the more gentle and dopey one. I was originally planning to call them Dmitri and Thomas, but once I saw them in person those names just didn’t suit at all, so Dionysus and Hephaestus it is. Unexpectedly I ended up choosing names that match my other Interstellar Dormitory boy, Artemis. One more nice surprise is that Volks is allowing international orders for the owner parts.

I also purchased DWC 04 and 05 in the DWC event last year. I had heard School A’s head is quite big but wow, it is quite big. Compared to DWC 01 however, I think DWC 04 is cuter after all.

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