Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair

Yesterday I went to the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair. It was held in the Darling Harbour Exhibition Centre and the venue was huge, it took me nearly the whole day just to walk around and see everything. One of the things I love about these fairs is discovering new products!

This is my first time seeing these shapes. They’re laser cut chipboards. I had seen similar things as papers and stickers before but never bought any because they looked like they would rip easily. However these chipboards are quite thick and semi stiff. My favourites are this fence and the clocks. You can also paint and decorate them. The ones with the black backgrounds are made by Dusty Attic and the ones with light backgrounds are made by Scrapmatts.

Look at how beautiful and intricate this looks~. It would be almost impossible to cut this by hand. Unfortunately though they’re too big to use in doll clothes, but I’m sure I will find some use for them.

I also bought a bit of stamping and doll supplies. I got some embossing powder after watching a demonstration, I had always thought you needed a heat gun to do those but apparently you can just hold it over your toaster. Originally I had gone to the fair to see if I could buy some lights for sewing. It gets dark at around 5pm right now because it’s in the middle of the winter and the lights in my home are yellow and pretty dim. But oh well, it will have to wait XD

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