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My Volks SDGr Alice arrived yesterday morning, her name is Baschet ^^
I just realised today that her birthday is 1 day after Arietta’s, my Little Alice XD

She makes Carillon look much younger and smaller. I think between her and Carillon I no longer feel the need to buy a Luna so much. I love her box, you can see it in the photo above, the bottom has been printed with book spines <3. There’s lots of fairy tales, and the occasional Volks book that has snuck in. Her faceup is quite nice too, I only wish there was less purple around her eyes and more red.

The main thing I’m worried about now is her high heel legs. I’ve only had her wear them for one day and already the s-hook in the knee has started to scratch the inside of her legs. I don’t know if eventually it will just chip out a chunk. Interestingly, her non high heel feet came with a ball joint that has a groove in it, so that it can click onto her leg and sort of make a high heel position:

Standing with heels this way is less stable than the other legs, but it’s possible. Volks have also not put kips in her neck, giving her head the tendency to fall backwards randomly. And also when she is sitting, she likes to lean backwards and eventually fall over. But I think this is mainly because I haven’t gotten used to how her body works yet. Overall though I like her body much more than the SD10 body, it’s very cute and girlish *-*

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