New faceups

Finally had a few sunny days to do Baschet and Armonica’s faceups. I was a bit impatient and started coating them when it was still really cloudy, and some of the MSC turned white. Though it’s near the back and can’t be seen normally.

Also redid Arietta’s faceup yet again, third time lucky?

Carmine rose:

Fresh powder snow:

A slightly sour strawberry:

Faceups – Arietta, Kakeru and Fdoll Glen

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Redid Arietta’s faceup, this time I’m much more happy with it. However the dark lip lines near the teeth are so difficult to paint neatly…in the end I gave up orz

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Also redid Kakeru’s faceup, but it’s a little bit messy. It’s more difficult because I forgot the area where her lower eyelashes are isn’t flat like my other dolls ^^;

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And this little boy is a Fdoll Glen, I won him at Animania this year. I also redid his faceup but he still doesn’t fit in with my dolls, so I’m going to donate him as a prize for next year’s Animania. Please enter the competitions if you are coming next year =)

Carillon and Arietta new faceups

Changed Carillon and Arietta’s faceups X3

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I’m pretty happy with Carillon’s faceup <3. But I need to buy her some eyes, she's stolen some 16mms but they leave a gap.

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Arietta on the other hand kind of looks weird ;3;
I think I will redo it later with darker eyelashes…

Volks Girls

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I tried swapping the eyes and wigs of Carillon and Suiren yesterday…Oh my, Suiren looks so cute like this *///*!! Why did I never buy SD pink wigs even though I’ve got so many in MSD size? And somehow giving Carillon smaller eyes makes her not look as young.

I also found out that for most of my Leeke wigs, the fringe is too long for Carillon. What is up with that orz

Animania Competitions

I mentioned there were some competitions from Animania in my last post, but actually I won the photo competition ^^

This was the entry that won:

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The theme was glass this year. It was taken in front of a stained glass window.

My other entry had glass chess in it:

There was also a masquerade competition which I made masks for. They were alot of fun to make but had a hard time staying on the face since they were flat ^^;

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Animania 2010

Attended Animania this weekend ^^. Animania is another manga and anime convention in Sydney.

Dolls (click for more photos)

This year there was a makeshift lightbox next to the doll table, which is where the above photo was taken =3. Makeshift because it was pretty much made out of cardboard and paper. But as you can see the results look quite nice~

There was also a photo competition and masquerade competition, which I’ll update my journal for later!

Cosplay (click for more photos)

And a bit of cosplay photos. The venue was the Australian Technology Park. The inside doesn’t look as nice as Town Hall, however the lighting turned out suprisingly well. Unfortunately I didn’t get many photos cause of attending panels.