Let’s go Worldwide~!

There is a new webring created for BJD artists including faceup artists, seamstress, wig makers, jewelry makers ect.

As it is right now Yahoo!Japan is the main source of sales for many people, however it is difficult to access and use for foreigners. For the English community there is Ebay and Etsy, however Ebay has high fees and Etsy does not have auction style listings. There is a very large forum Den of Angels but this is still mainly aimed at the English community. This webring was started to try to gather artists and create a space for communication across different languages, whether it be English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese or any other language.

So please spread the word ^^
And if you are a fan of the handmade, or an artist making handmade goods (eg. not reselling already made goods), or if you can help with translating to different languages and reaching the doll community in other countries please consider helping!

Registration : lil-sweet.com
Webring : bjds.tistory.com/
Flickr group : www.flickr.com/groups/bjd_sr/

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