Macha for sale

Volks is re-releasing Hewitt at the next Dolpa DX!
I’ve been thinking about getting him for a while but didn’t think about it too much since I didn’t think he’d be released again. But now he is @_@. But why did they have to release Ran at the same time T_T. At the very least, I decided to not buy any more normal skin girls so I must resist Ran!

I’m thinking of selling Macha since I won’t have enough by next month.
Who is Macha? She’s my Leeke Soda. I realised when taking this photo that it’s the first time taking photos of her since buying her in 2008. That was pretty surprising, time sure goes by fast. When I first bought her it took me a long time to do her faceup. I couldn’t get used to her for a long time because her eyes are uneven. Her left eye is bigger and droops more than her right eye. Then I bought a wig and outfit for her. But the wig flips up weirdly on one side and her outfit didn’t fit. So I never got around to taking any photos XD. But she’s still really cute, it’s not that I dislike her. But right now I want Hewitt more.

(one more)

I’m thinking about pricing her at $400 since that was around what I paid. She was a limited edition. If anyone is interested please let me know. She is white skin and has a type 3 D body.

(photos of faceup)

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