Owl City – Fireflies

It’s been a while since I loved an english song, so I thought this was worth mentioning. It’s a very nice song with a cute video clip of lots of vintage toys :)

2 Replies to “Owl City – Fireflies”

  1. Whaaattt. I can’t believe you like this. He’s such a knock off of a musician I like *____* Benjamin Gibbard: (Death Cab For Cutie/The Postal Service etc.)

    Except he’s not good (the Owl City guy). >:(


  2. Heeeyyy =D

    Haha actually I looked Owl City up afterwards and found all their songs sound the same which is a bit disappointing.

    I haven’t heard of Benjamin Gibbard before but from a short search his songs don’t sound the same to me? I like Owl City because his voice has been modified a bit to sound more digital, but Benjamin sounds very natural. And Benjamin seems to sing more about other people while Owl sings about himself?

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