SMASH! 2010

Yesterday SMASH! 2010 was held in the Town Hall. SMASH! is a manga and anime convention that happens once a year in Sydney.

Dolls (click for more photos)

This is the BJD table. This year we also had a vendor table, but I didn’t get a good photo of them.

My camera was a success! I hand held for all of these shots and most turned out non blurry <3, which was the main reason I upgraded. Sad to see that many people I know didn't turn up. However the table was very full. But didn't get to meet many new owners, they were probably wandering around seeing the rest of the event. This time I brought Tareneko and Little Alice with me.

Cosplay (click for more photos)

Though I mainly go to see the dolls, there were alot of great cosplayers and I had a go at taking some photos. Discovered that my lens doesn’t take full body shots in crowded places which is a shame =(. I was already standing back quite far for all of these. If I backed off any further people started walking in front of me ^^;
But what I was able to take I quite like, so I suppose this lens suits portraits well. I love how everyone I asked to take a photo of posed for me!

When I first got there, there was someone outside the entrance in a yukata playing the guitar. He was probably there to make waiting a bit easier as the line was huge, even though I got there an hour(?) after the opening time. But by the time I came back out to take a photo he was gone =(

Town Hall Building (click for more photos)

My first time seeing the inside of Town Hall. It’s so beautiful~
I particularly loved the blue organ at the back of the main stage.

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