Welcome Saffron

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Welcomed another cutie this week~

Meet Saffron, she is a D’COORD MDD Mochi-Ashi (DD-f3) DDH-21 in tan skin. She is my first Mochi-Ashi and first tan doll. I previously had a regular MDD but her proportions felt a bit off because she had such a huge head and slim body. I feel like the Mochi-Ashi legs balance out the head much better. The proportions of the hips to legs looks better than I expected, it was something that really bothered me in photos I saw but it’s not as noticeable in person. However for curiosity sake I plan to try a DDP hip on my next Mochi-Ashi. The tan skin is quite nice, it looks very smooth and even, kind of like milk tea or coffee. And the DD-f3 frame feels nicer than my previous DDs, movements are much smoother which makes posing easier for me, my previous DDs were all kind of stiff. For some reason her vinyl also feels softer than my previous DDs.

For her fullset the outfit quality is pretty nice. Her cardigan has working buttonholes rather than snaps, and her socks are knitted with a seam at the toes only. My only criticism is her bow is sewn on, so you can’t for example use a different ribbon, and it looks strange when her top is left open because the bow is just hanging there. I guess I could cut it off though. Her wig makes her head rather top heavy, but posing is still doable if I make sure to shove her head down the neck peg fully. Her shoes are quite long and narrow compared to her feet but it’s not noticeable once she is wearing them. I’m a bit worried the material will eventually fall apart like my Mariko’s shoes. Her eyes were still hot glued in but much easier to remove compared to SDs as her head can flex.

I’m planning to test out some shoes and wigs for her when I have time. Unfortunately the pair of eyes I thought would suit her has gone sticky, ewww. Maybe the coating has degraded, they were fine when new and basically untouched.

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